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Our Social Impact & Marketing Manager Rebekah Douglas takes a deep look into what has made Wiggett Group so successful with BDC Magazine. 

“I think inclusion is the main reason why we have been so and continue to be successful. We have a flat hierachy so everybody has a seat at the table. The construction industry is usually a white male led industry, but we want all voices to be able to speak, which is why we heavily promote neurodiversity and racial diversity. By doing so, we get different points of view and therefore different results” Rebekah states in an excerpt from the article. 

For nearly 20 years, BDC has been the go-to resource for business professionals in the industry. With its contemporary design, a news section packed with current events, interviews with the trade’s top professionals, and in-depth case studies on leading businesses, the magazine puts you in touch with the developments of your industry.

Pick up a copy of their December Issue to read the full interview or view here