Meet the Team | Reece Wiggett, CEO

Eden: How did your start your career as an Electrician?

Reece: I started by doing an electrical apprenticeship when I was 16 for 4 years. I have now been qualified for 17 years. I was actually doing my apprenticeship underneath Michael Page, who is our Electrical Supervisor.

EB: How did you find your apprenticeship experience?

RW: It was one of the best times of my life, the team I was working with made the experience so much better. I made great lifelong friendships during this time. Some of the electricians and apprentices I worked with, work within Wiggett now.

EB: Do you have any memorable moments from being an apprentice/young electrician?

RW: I wouldn’t say there were any moments that stand out against others as I enjoyed my whole apprenticeship, however, I would say the best thing about my apprenticeship was just being able to earn money and have fun at the same time. The contrast of being a 16-year-old going out with my friends to then going to work with men who had families and responsibilities, it was a completely different type of environment and it made me grow up quickly.

EB: As you were once an apprentice, who is now incredibly successful. What would you say to aspiring apprentices?

RW: Don’t give up! I know that the money isn’t great at first but it gets better. I was working on £65 a week to eventually £80 a week, whilst all my friends were going out having fun earning £300 plus a week. I wasn’t able to do that but it paid off in the end. The apprenticeship helped me grow and mature as a person.

EB: Do you agree that apprentices are important to an electrical contractor?

RW: Absolutely. I believe apprentices are the foundation for a great electrical contractor, they are the future electricians and should be nurtured and well looked after. All our apprentices are treated with just as much respect as any of our qualified electricians.

EB: Do you encourage progression from Apprentice to Electrician within Wiggett?

RW: 100%! Every apprentice that works here always has a chance to progress their career as a qualified electrician and stay on with the company. In fact, we have a few fully qualified electricians who started off as apprentices with us and are still working for the company.