Retrofit & Sustainability

We at Wiggett Group are passionate about repairing our planet and we know that climate change can be solved by accelerating the transition to net-zero emissions. Through our Retrofit & Sustainability department we are improving the health and safety of our customers with the work we do. 


Retrofitting of social housing can improve the energy efficiency and overall liveability of the units, while also reducing costs for residents. It can also improve the health and safety of residents by addressing issues such as mould, lead paint, and other hazards.

Regular maintenance and monitoring of building systems, including HVAC systems and plumbing, can help identify and prevent mould growth before it becomes a problem. Implementing sustainable practices such as proper ventilation, air sealing, and using non-toxic materials can improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of mould growth.


Sustainability ensures residents have access to safe, healthy and affordable housing that minimises negative impacts on the environment and reduces the long-term costs associated with energy use, maintenance and replacement. Sustainability initiatives in social housing can help address environmental issues such as climate change and resource depletion, as well as improve quality of life for residents by reducing energy bills, improving air quality, and providing access to green spaces. Additionally promoting sustainability in social housing can help create more resilient communities and support the development of a low carbon economy. 

Our Wiggett Retrofit Team are trained and highly skilled in all aspects of retrofitting, from BFM, BSM and BSE works. Our hopes are to support sustainable development, help fight fuel poverty and create better homes for people. Get in touch to see how we can help you futureproof your assets.